The Flora Fountain sits at the center of a 5 way freeway intersection in Mumbai's hectic organization district in southwest India. The fountain was erected in 1864 and depicts, in stone, the Roman Goddess, Flora. Flora will be the goddess of flowers and the spring year. She represents renewal and rebirth. Drinking water flows from Flora's outstretc… Read More

The Bethesda Fountain is located in New York's Central Park. It is an element in the Bethesda Terrace which overlooks the fountain which is adjacent on the Central Park Lake, the biggest human body of h2o within the park, and also the Ramble, a 30 6 acre place of walking paths, scenic enclaves, and small streams. The Terrace was at first named the… Read More

The 4 Corners location can be a quadripoint spot in The usa where by the boundaries are shaped by the 4 states with the country. These four states, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona, all fulfill in one solitary geographic spot generally known as Four Corners Monument where they are bounded by two straight traces that type a cross and 4 appropr… Read More

The Anasazi are recognised experts in several fields such as basketry, masonry, sandal-producing and pottery which happens to be considered as a striking however straightforward operate of art. They have been admired on currently being expert staff despite the restricted sources and small Manage on the surroundings.Archaeologists have categorized t… Read More